Magnificent Maths Week!


Posted by kspruce | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 10-05-2017

This week in FS2, we have had a Magnificent Maths week where lots of activities within the area have been linked to Maths.

Take a look at some of the magnificent things we have been doing…

In the water tray, we used language such as ‘full’ ‘half full’ and ’empty’ to describe the amount of water in different containers. We then started to measure the water more accurately using  a measuring jug.


We ordered items from shortest to tallest.

We created our own models and could name some of the 3-D shapes used within them.


We used Lego and unfix cubes to recreate and create our own repeating patterns.


We could identify the heavier and larger items on different balancing scales.

Finally, we used natural resources to create our own repeating patterns.

Another excellent week in FS2!

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